When to hire a guide?

Guide will approach your wishes and needs with responsibility; they will show empathy and respect that will greatly contribute to your overall experience of the destination.
Whether you area travel agency or an individual, there are numerous situations in which we recommend that you hire our members.

For individuals:
• You do not have too much time forsightseeing
• You have a lot of time for sightseeing
• It is not your first time in the destination and youwish to learn more
• Despite the crowds in the popular destinations, you are lookinfor a more personal and flexible approach

For travel agencies:
• You look for the additional element of quality in your offer
• You wish to entrust your clients to someone who has the skills of managing a group
• You look for a person who will fully respect your programme and cooperate with your tourleader
• You wish your clients to know more about everyday life, along with the historical background

How to hire a guide?

Tourist Guides’Association“Dubrovnik“ does not distribute tours to its members. We invite you to take look at our list of guides where you can find all the necessary information about our members....

When to hire a guide?

A tourist guide is a person characterized by his/her openness enthusiasm and the love for the heritage they interpret....

T-­Guide: Tourist Guides for People with Intellectual and Learning Difficulties in Europe

The aim is to produce an EU training model and Manual for training Tourist Guides in guiding people who have learning difficulties or other intellectual impairments.